Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone!

We are finally finished with Finals (Sean is at the testing center taking his last one now). I feel like a huge burden has been taken from my shoulders. I can finally sit, relax and play with my wonderful family. It feels like Christmas.

We put our Christmas tree up a week and a half ago and love it! It makes our little apartment feel so warm and cozy. I will post a picture later today.

Maile is growing like a weed, but is much much sweeter. At her six month appointment she weighed in at 19 lbs, pushing her into the 95% again. haha. She has since grown even more. She was 26 1/2 inches long, making the 75% mark and her head is just normal, they don't count cheeks. :) Our little angel has been learning so many new things. Though she started sitting up at 4.5 months, she now does it with all the confidence in the world, bending every which way and scooting on her bum. She loves to move. We know it won't be long before she is crawling. These days she gets around by tipping herself over and rolling to her destination, which is usually anything that isn't one of her toys. Haha.
She is learning a whole slew of new noises. little screeches, grunts, laughs, giggles, blowing bubbles and and just talking to her self. She hasn't said "mama" or "dada" yet but we are working on it.
She loves hide and seek and getting "attacked" with kisses and a big hug from both Sean and I. She is always able to make us laugh. She has the biggest and cutest smile and we love seeing in taking up her whole face.
We have been trying new techniques for helping her get to sleep on her own and our plan is to get it down by the end of break. She is a good sport and learning quickly. She loves sleeping on her belly. We will lay her down at night on her back and in the morning she is sleeping on her tummy, with her little bum in the air. So funny. I will have to get a picture of that too.
As always, she is a good eater. She loves squash, applesauce, cereal, bananas, cheerios, celery sticks, juice, and anything else she can get her hands on. And she gets her hands on it, that is for sure. We usually transport her directly from the high chair to the tub. Where she plays with her toys and splashes everywhere.

We are planning on a fun day over at Hannah and Tom's house this Saturday! Naomi, Art and Hyrum are coming too! We are going to make Nisu a Finnish sweet bread, eat dinner, and play games. I am so excited. With everything having been so busy it will be nice to just spend time with family and enjoy this wonderful season. Maile will be happy too, Hannah's girls always get a laugh out of her.

We hope everyone is doing well and that you are all staying happy, healthy, and safe! We love you!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Peek a boo revisited

So Maile is getting funnier and funnier. We love it. Sean was playing Peek-a-boo and I couldn't help but whip out the camera. This difference in her expressions is priceless! We love this little baby!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween and a piano prodigy

Maile was our sweet little pea pod this Halloween. She loved her outfit and slobbered all over it! I couldn't help but take her outside and shoot a few photos.

Me and Sean was hillbillies and we dun farmed up this here pea pod. We had a lot of fun. If anyone is planning on blacking out one of their teeth, we reccomend eyeliner, just dry your tooth and black it out. Works like a charm.
We went to our ward Halloween party and came in third for funniest and best over all, if everyone could have just gotten together wouldn't have had the split vote...maybe this is telling of tomorrow's elections. hmmm.

While spending the weekend with Sean's Family Maile wowed us all with her new found love of piano playing! It was funny to watch her excitement as she realized that pounding on the piano produced noise! She is a regular Mozart!

We have been trying differnt foods every few days. We had tried applesauce and she was loving it. Then last week we tried it again, and well needless to say we got differnt results. She is still loving her food though. She is now a wopping 17.4 (ish) lbs. She has been drooling like crazy which leads us to believe that she is teething, well that and her teething toy soothed fussyness.

She makes us laugh more and more everyday, especially since she has started to laugh more and more. She loves peek-a-boo and getting zerberts on her belly! What a funny girl!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Maile update

As you may have noticed from the infrequentness of our posts we have kept ourselves pretty busy these last few months. Maile has only gotten more beautiful as the days go on. We took her in for her 4 month appointment and found that not only is she as healthy as can be she is in the 90% for her weight and 50% for her head and height. haha. Our little chunker.

She has begun doing so many things. She officially rolled over with no assistance on the 27th of Sept. She Started eating some sold food. She loves bananas!

She has begun grabbing her toes and seems at the moment to be satisfyed by just holding them. She is also grabbing things much quicker and more purpousfully. She loves her exersaucer and all the cool toys to look at and play with. She is already in 6-9 month clothes and is just a cute as can be!

With the help of your hands she will stand up and wiggle all over the place. Her little legs are getting mighty strong! She is also able to sit up for a few seconds on her own. And it seems that she prefers sitting to laying down.

She does lots of tummy time these days and her head is so strong. She is giggling and laughing more and more everyday. And finally she is responding to zerberts on her belly and that kind of play. She loves it!!

As for Sean and I, we are both getting older. Sean turned 25 on the 23 of Sept. and I turn 22 tomorrow. We are both in school and experiencing the craziness that comes with doing baby, school and work. It's hectic but we are loving every minute of being parents. Maile keeps us on our toes with all her new sounds and movements. She has begun giggling and talking with oos and gaas and that alone makes each day even better.

Monday, July 21, 2008

An update from the Peterson Family...

We are now quite a few weeks into the parenting thing and absolutely loving it! Maile is such a wonderful beautiful baby! She is more than we could have asked for. Since the beginning we have known she was special, despite those few nights when we didn't go to sleep until 3 or 4...or 5...sigh. She was born May 28 coming into the world bum first with her legs up by her head. She was 8lbs. 12ozs. and 21 in. long. Since she has done nothing but grow. She is now almost 12lbs. and I don't know how long. She hasn't even had her 2 month appointment yet and is already filling out 3 month clothes!

On July 6th she was blessed. Sean gave a beautiful blessing and Maile slept through the whole thing. Much of Sean's family came down for the occas
ion. We took lost of wonderful pictures. Maile was just adorable in her little blessing dress.

Maile has been very patient with us this month. It started with a weekend up at Mom and Dad "P's" house going to the 4th of July flag raising, singing the military songs, watching the parade, playin
g games, BBQing, and of course awesome fireworks. And Maile slept through most of it. Yes, even the fireworks. She wore an adorable little outfit from Sean's mom and sisters. She was our little firework.

Next we traveled up to Salt Lake to pick up my awesome little brother, Isaac and brought him up to Sean's Parents house. He is staying here for a few weeks and may possibly come out to stay come fall. We were going to be up at Mom and Dad "p's" on Sunday for fireworks anyway so we just stayed. The Weber State Symphony played the 1812 overture with real cannons so that followed by a stirring firework display made Maile pretty mad. It was sad.

Then on Tuesday we went camping in the Uinta Mountains with Sean's family and Isaac of course. It was a blast, however we think Maile got pretty sick of it by the last night, but she was a trooper. It gets pretty dang chilly at night so we bundled her up really well. She was so cute in her little snow suit.

Maile is doing more and more everyday. Her neck is getting stronger thanks to good old tummy time and she has just started to grab things, my hair included. :) Smiling is also among her new favorite things to do. She loves to giggle and respond to our ridiculous noises. I think babies just think humor us, they are great. Mornings are the best when all you have to do it say hello. So fun. She is just a happy baby.

We are home for a few weeks and Maile is happy. I started work part-time again today. Despite the fact that it makes me feel good to be helping Sean out in this way I hate leaving Maile, at least I get to leave her with Sean, the best Daddy ever. Sean being able to work from home nothing short of a miracle. Sean and I are lucky to have the best little family out there.

Monday, March 17, 2008

5 weeks and counting...

There are only five weeks left of school. I don't know if I can adequately describe my happiness. This semester hasn't been too bad but well it is school. :) Sean seems to have a test every other day, in all actuality it is probably every other week, but he somehow conquers them all. I've had my fair share as well but my major seems to be more into projects, presentations and power points. I love my major probably more than ever but am still not entirely sure what Exactly I want to do with it someday. We had a guest presenter the other day who basically summed up what I want to do with my life. She said that what we do is invest our lives in people. What a beautiful goal. To invest my life in people.

Sean is still working for Competitive Edge Products. He does a lot of listing, website optimization and basic website management. He really enjoys the work and has learned a lot. I'm still at the BYU Key Office, at least until Maile is born. I am going to try to work until I deliver, however I really don't want to have my water break at work. That would be embarrassing!

Sean is in Soccer and Basketball intramurals. He is also taking a basketball class that he loves. It has helped him brush up on his skills and gain more confidence on the court. His teams are doing pretty well. Last game he made 3 three's and 3 out of 4 of his free throws, not to mention his amazing defensive skills. Needless to say, they won. I am pretty proud of him.

I have gained 25 lbs. to date and have what looks like a basketball in my belly. It (my belly) is now 28 cm. huge and I'm healthy as ever! Maile is just getting bigger and bigger. She is now about 17 inches long and about 3lbs! And boy is she active!! My belly moves all over the place. It is fun to watch, but sometimes it interferes with getting a good nights sleep. I guess she is just preparing me for what is to come. haha. I am achy and sore but I have been feeling pretty good. Sean has been a huge help in making me comfortable, getting things I drop on the floor and overall just making my life as a huge pregnant lady all the more bearable. He is great, I couldn't have asked for someone better.

This weekend one of my classes is putting on an event at the Young Living Lavender Farms in Mona. It is an Easter Festival. We have put the whole semester and about 5k into it and are soo excited! Sean is going to be helping too. What a good guy. There are going to be rock walls, an Easter bunny, a balloon making guy, crafts, pony rides, paddle boats, tons of fun, food, and of course a Sweet Easter Egg Hunt!, complete with prizes! We are really excited! All of our work is finally paying off!

So being new to this whole blog thing I can't guaranty that this posting thing will become a regular occurance but we will try to keep you all updated on our lives!