Saturday, February 21, 2009

For Mama! :)

These are some pictures from the last month. Sorry there aren't too many. Our camera was full so we've only taken a few. I'll empty it out and then take more! And a cute little video. Maile is getting so grown up! The following is a list of things she is now doing:
  • Sitting up with no support (since 4 months)
  • Sitting up from laying down (since 7 months)
  • Rolling over (since 3-4ish months)
  • Eating solid foods(since 4 months)
  • Making a million noises all the time (new ones since 5 months)
  • Eating finger foods (since 6-7 months)
  • Clapping (7-8 months)
  • Dancing to music (7-8 months)
  • Standing up to the couch and Everything else!! (8 months)
  • Moving around things while holding on tightly(8 months)
  • Having separation anxiety...every time we walk out of the room or are not within sight. (8 months)
  • Growing a little more hair (a long process :)
And so much more...
Maile after having some snacks...this is why you use bibs every time! haha.
Maile in Sean's guitar case...Cute but didn't go over so well...haha
Starting her out young...haha. She loves to play with anything that is not a baby toy :)

Some yummy juice.