Monday, October 6, 2008

Maile update

As you may have noticed from the infrequentness of our posts we have kept ourselves pretty busy these last few months. Maile has only gotten more beautiful as the days go on. We took her in for her 4 month appointment and found that not only is she as healthy as can be she is in the 90% for her weight and 50% for her head and height. haha. Our little chunker.

She has begun doing so many things. She officially rolled over with no assistance on the 27th of Sept. She Started eating some sold food. She loves bananas!

She has begun grabbing her toes and seems at the moment to be satisfyed by just holding them. She is also grabbing things much quicker and more purpousfully. She loves her exersaucer and all the cool toys to look at and play with. She is already in 6-9 month clothes and is just a cute as can be!

With the help of your hands she will stand up and wiggle all over the place. Her little legs are getting mighty strong! She is also able to sit up for a few seconds on her own. And it seems that she prefers sitting to laying down.

She does lots of tummy time these days and her head is so strong. She is giggling and laughing more and more everyday. And finally she is responding to zerberts on her belly and that kind of play. She loves it!!

As for Sean and I, we are both getting older. Sean turned 25 on the 23 of Sept. and I turn 22 tomorrow. We are both in school and experiencing the craziness that comes with doing baby, school and work. It's hectic but we are loving every minute of being parents. Maile keeps us on our toes with all her new sounds and movements. She has begun giggling and talking with oos and gaas and that alone makes each day even better.