Monday, January 26, 2009

A few photo's from the last couple months.

Our little Christmas table.

Our Christmas tree. This is the side view because you couldn't get a full picture from the front

Our little Santa Baby

Happy but not too much about the hat.

Getting her kitty from Daddy

Apparently it was a big hit...

She loves stuffed animals!

Tucker was being such a great cousin and playing blocks

Like Father like...daughter? Only moments before Sean's mouth was hanging open as well.

Christmas day and our new Pajama bottoms, SO comfy!

Maile was pretty tired after all of that playing, and no I was not trying to look seductive. haha.

At home enjoying her new blocks

When she gets excited there is no hiding it!

She is getting all grown up, she now eats (all by herself) cheerios, string beans, cheese cubes, and anything else she can get her hands on, which things are not always edible. The baby proofing stage has begun.

Just so sweet!

Snuggles with Daddy.

We have had a great past few months and now a month into the semester. All three of us are learning new things everyday, but the most exciting ones are Maile's.

We hope you are all doing well!

Love, Us.