Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Peek a boo revisited

So Maile is getting funnier and funnier. We love it. Sean was playing Peek-a-boo and I couldn't help but whip out the camera. This difference in her expressions is priceless! We love this little baby!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween and a piano prodigy

Maile was our sweet little pea pod this Halloween. She loved her outfit and slobbered all over it! I couldn't help but take her outside and shoot a few photos.

Me and Sean was hillbillies and we dun farmed up this here pea pod. We had a lot of fun. If anyone is planning on blacking out one of their teeth, we reccomend eyeliner, just dry your tooth and black it out. Works like a charm.
We went to our ward Halloween party and came in third for funniest and best over all, if everyone could have just gotten together wouldn't have had the split vote...maybe this is telling of tomorrow's elections. hmmm.

While spending the weekend with Sean's Family Maile wowed us all with her new found love of piano playing! It was funny to watch her excitement as she realized that pounding on the piano produced noise! She is a regular Mozart!

We have been trying differnt foods every few days. We had tried applesauce and she was loving it. Then last week we tried it again, and well needless to say we got differnt results. She is still loving her food though. She is now a wopping 17.4 (ish) lbs. She has been drooling like crazy which leads us to believe that she is teething, well that and her teething toy soothed fussyness.

She makes us laugh more and more everyday, especially since she has started to laugh more and more. She loves peek-a-boo and getting zerberts on her belly! What a funny girl!