Monday, July 21, 2008

An update from the Peterson Family...

We are now quite a few weeks into the parenting thing and absolutely loving it! Maile is such a wonderful beautiful baby! She is more than we could have asked for. Since the beginning we have known she was special, despite those few nights when we didn't go to sleep until 3 or 4...or 5...sigh. She was born May 28 coming into the world bum first with her legs up by her head. She was 8lbs. 12ozs. and 21 in. long. Since she has done nothing but grow. She is now almost 12lbs. and I don't know how long. She hasn't even had her 2 month appointment yet and is already filling out 3 month clothes!

On July 6th she was blessed. Sean gave a beautiful blessing and Maile slept through the whole thing. Much of Sean's family came down for the occas
ion. We took lost of wonderful pictures. Maile was just adorable in her little blessing dress.

Maile has been very patient with us this month. It started with a weekend up at Mom and Dad "P's" house going to the 4th of July flag raising, singing the military songs, watching the parade, playin
g games, BBQing, and of course awesome fireworks. And Maile slept through most of it. Yes, even the fireworks. She wore an adorable little outfit from Sean's mom and sisters. She was our little firework.

Next we traveled up to Salt Lake to pick up my awesome little brother, Isaac and brought him up to Sean's Parents house. He is staying here for a few weeks and may possibly come out to stay come fall. We were going to be up at Mom and Dad "p's" on Sunday for fireworks anyway so we just stayed. The Weber State Symphony played the 1812 overture with real cannons so that followed by a stirring firework display made Maile pretty mad. It was sad.

Then on Tuesday we went camping in the Uinta Mountains with Sean's family and Isaac of course. It was a blast, however we think Maile got pretty sick of it by the last night, but she was a trooper. It gets pretty dang chilly at night so we bundled her up really well. She was so cute in her little snow suit.

Maile is doing more and more everyday. Her neck is getting stronger thanks to good old tummy time and she has just started to grab things, my hair included. :) Smiling is also among her new favorite things to do. She loves to giggle and respond to our ridiculous noises. I think babies just think humor us, they are great. Mornings are the best when all you have to do it say hello. So fun. She is just a happy baby.

We are home for a few weeks and Maile is happy. I started work part-time again today. Despite the fact that it makes me feel good to be helping Sean out in this way I hate leaving Maile, at least I get to leave her with Sean, the best Daddy ever. Sean being able to work from home nothing short of a miracle. Sean and I are lucky to have the best little family out there.