Friday, March 5, 2010

Spinning around in her robe. haha. So funny!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hey Everyone!
It is February and we are loving this New Year! These pictures are kind of out of order.

Sparkling Cider. It was such a fun night! We love our family!
I asked if she wanted her picture taken and she said..."No cheese" haha. I still took her picture. I know I am a terrible mama.

Our neighbor valentine gifts! Cool huh! And so fun and easy to make!!

Enjoying her yummy dinner. I took a picture of the dinner I made and she started making her cheesy grin and saying "Cheese!!"

Yummy Orange chicken and salad. I got the recipe from

I asked if she wanted a pony ride and this is what she thought that meant. haha. So funny. She wanted them to all stand up perfectly and kept getting frustrated!

At Boondocks in the Kids playground was SOOO fun! She loved it and it completely wore her out. At one point she sat down...then laid down...and then did pretend snoring...haha.

While coloring she realized that the crayons fit nicely between her toes. lol. So funny.

A close up...haha. She has the cutest little feet!

Going out to play in the snow!! So fun! We even dressed up her puppy. She likes to sit in the snow and eat it until her hands get too cold from taking her mittens off. Silly Girl!
Another shot from Boondocks. She was SO tired!! Sitting and doing a little chilaxin'. So funny.

Playing Dress up. Our little shepherd girl!

Well that is a little update. Hope you are all doing well!


Sean, Charity and Maile

Monday, January 4, 2010

Updates in a few days! ... Finally. A few teaser pictures...